Daylight Savings Time Sleep Survival Strategies

March 4, 2015 |  by  |  naps, parenting  |  7 Comments
Daylight Savings Time Sleep Survival Strategies

For many parents, daylight savings time feels like the Kobayashi Maru* of sleep. Scientists have essentially ruled out the idea that daylight savings reduces energy use, and it may in fact lead to greater incidence of heart attacks and car accidents. The only undeniable outcome of daylight savings time is that it will muck up your child's sleep and the fact that we still have it is unquestionable evidence that we're all being punished for some transgression in a previous life. (*Please forgive my uber-nerd reference there, my book editor has also reprimanded my use of nerdy references but I'm...

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Is Sleep Training Child Abuse?

February 12, 2015 |  by  |  cry it out, featured, parenting  |  72 Comments
is sleep training child abuse

I try not to court controversy because I don't actually see parenting as all that controversial. A wide range of parenting decisions are totally OK and there are many approaches that can work like gangbusters. Parents all over the world are happily and lovingly caring for their children by breastfeeding, bottle-feeding, co-sleeping, crib-sleeping, baby-wearing, etc. There is no one right way, there are many right ways and without exception, I've found my readers reasonable, loving parents who are extremely good at figuring out the right answer for themselves. So I stay out of the so-called Mommy Wars because I like to...

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Preparing for Your Second Baby: The Crib Decision

January 16, 2015 |  by  |  2 YO, 3 YO, crib safety, parenting, sleep environment  |  72 Comments
getting a second crib when pregnant again

This is part of a series that will discuss things you may want to consider as you prepare for the arrival of your second baby. Or third. Or fifth. While there are many things you may be focused on (like snagging your one remaining pacifier from the bottom of the fish tank) this post is going to focus on furniture, or more specifically, the crib decision. Many parents get pregnant right around the time kiddo #1 turns 2. This is result of a magical convergence of having enough time pass so that you've forgotten how difficult newborns can be while enjoying...

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When Your Kid Won’t Stay in Bed

November 12, 2014 |  by  |  1 YO, book review, guest author, Success Stories  |  97 Comments
Toddler bedtime battles

One night, my husband and I relaxed on the couch after we put our toddler to bed, as usual, in her crib. Suddenly: “Hi, mommy!” We looked over. There she was, standing in the living room, quite proud of herself. At 22 months old, our toddler had climbed out of her crib. Recovering from our surprise, we put her back to bed with a laugh. She’s a climber! we said. We’d figured this day would come. We had an easy solution: put her in her sleep sack. Surely then she couldn’t get her leg up over the railing. “Hi, mommy!” You know how...

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Bedtime: Everything Starts Here

bedtime and baby sleep

I tend to emphasize night sleep because it's easier to sort things out at night (stop laughing, I'm totally serious). When everybody is sleeping better at night, improving naps is far more likely. And your efforts to improve your child's night sleep is entirely dependent upon one thing. Bedtime. What happens at bedtime, when bedtime occurs, and how you approach bedtime will determine how well your child sleeps (and thus how you sleep) at night. Bedtime is the linchpin of the entire night. Much of what happens during the 11-12 hours that makes up your child's night is determined by bedtime....

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